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The Dyno Machine In NZ That You’ve Been Looking For!

Dynos have become increasingly popular in NZ over the past decade or so, and for good reason!

Here at MAHA NZ, we are very proud of the incredible offering we have in terms of our dyno machines in NZ. Whether you own a workshop of your own or you are an extreme petrolhead, our dyno machine allows you to fine-tune various features of your vehicle for a smoother and more efficient ride!

Let’s have a look at some of the incredible features that our dyno machine has to offer, and why it should be on your investment list.

Four Wheel Drive

When it comes to dynos, there are basically two different types, namely 2WD and 4WD dynos. The major advantage to 4WD dynos is the fact that they can be used on most vehicles, whereas 2WD dynos are only effective when used on 2WD cars. This is why we stock and supply 4WD dynos. We feel like it is definitely the superior choice!

Our Axle Load

Our dyno machines in NZ offer an axle load of 2400kg, which gives you a wide variety of options of what cars you can perform dyno tuning on.

Speed Tests

Did you know that our dynos have the ability to test speeds of up to 300km/h? This is quite impressive indeed. This also means that our dyno machines are suitable for dyno tuning race cars!

Dyno Machine In NZ

Best Features

Some of the very best features of our dyno machine, and what sets it apart from other dynos, include some of the following:

  • Rear axle has eddy-current brakes with electric motors. Two 1000kw brakes on the rear axle and one 1000kw on the front axle with the option to upgrade into four brakes.
  • Multiple restraining mechanisms
  • Electronic synchronisation for AWD tuning without SENSOR or ECU problems
  • Wide range of operating modes with recuperation testing included
  • Extremely accurate power calculations
  • Stopwatch function
  • Multiple simulation options with load simulation included
  • Cutting edge software approved by Porsche, AUDI, Volkswagen and Mercedes
  • Axle adjustment via remote control
  • Hydraulic roller set adjustment
  • Extremely durable and hard wearing for decades of operation
  • Multiple safety features

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Are you looking to buy a dyno machine in NZ? You have come to the right place! Get in touch with one of our dyno experts at MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment today!

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