heavy duty scales

Tips for choosing heavy-duty scales?

Oypla Heavy Duty Digital Postal Parcel Scales Weighing 150kg/300kg:  Amazon.co.uk: DIY & ToolsWhen it comes to weight scales, a large variety is available in the market with different types, functions, capacity, and quality. You will find scales that can measure from 0.5 grams to dozens of tons. Everyone can get confused easily with numerous options.

There are different type of heavy duty scales with different characteristics, functions, and features according to different industrial needs. Floor scales are also referred to as industrial or heavy-duty scales due to their exceptional weighing capacity and durability. The floor type scales also have further categories you should know to find a rights scale for your need.

How to choose a heavy-duty scale?

Choose Scale Type: A heavy-duty scale can be of different types such as industrial scale, or heavy-duty in manners of weighing high-density material such as iron, steel or gold, etc. The heavy-duty scales are also referred to as industrial scales as they are used for measuring tons of weight ton it. There are three types of industrial-scale make, which are as follow:

Corrosion Resistant Scales: In this scale, a three-part epoxy coating is applied over the scale’s platform. It keeps the liquid material to stick with it, which can cause inaccurate readings.

Parts Counting Scales: The parts counting scale can be used for counting as well as for weighing the objects on it. It is mostly used in industries that deal with smaller parts with small unit weights. For example: For weighing and counting artificial jewellery stones etc.

Weight Capacity of scale: Whether the industrial scale can weigh much more than commercial scales, but these scales also come with different weighing capacities. You must know the expected weight capacity you will be in need of. Consider the maximum weight capacity you will need in the future:

Certified Scale: No matter you are using a bigger or a smaller scale, certification and approval from authorities is very important. Make sure the scale you are buying is NTEP certified and approved by NIST. IT is illegal in many countries to use non-certified scales; one may get fined for using not legal trade scale. Contact your city’s regularity authority after buying a new scale for its registration and approval.

As there are different types of heavy-duty scales, you must choose the right product according to your needs. And never forget to register your scale from authorities to make your scale legal for trade.

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